Friday Book in a Page: Flow

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

You will be hard-pressed to find a book on personal productivity that does not reference the seminal book, Flow. A groundbreaking (but dense) read it is a perfect candidate for our Book in a Page series on managing yourself as the entrepreneur. If you are questioning your purpose or bored by the monotony of your every day, this will help you ask the questions and help you develop techniques to change that.

Key Messages of the Book:

  • Focussing on our intrinsic motivators (versus external rewards) is what will allow us to enter the state of Flow where we are fully engaged in and satisfied by our interests.
  • Greater enjoyment usually comes from stretching ourselves, learning, trying something new, using our talents and patience.
  • However, we are often too distracted by immediate pleasure to pursue the task of enjoyment.
  • Pure enjoyment or Flow exists in an activity that is fully immersing and balances skill and challenge with clear personal goals (i.e. not linked to external rewards or punishments) and immediate feedback.  And, it is unique and internal for every individual. 
  • Tapping into ancient wisdom will allow us to strengthen our self-control and achieve a great level of singular mindfulness which will allow us to more fully experience than the world than having automatic responses to it.
  • Increasing the amount of information and complexity of information in your brain will turn your mind into a fertile garden for ideas, rather than a place where you focus on your faults.
  • Your brain will be more invigorated and enjoyable if you can turn your work into a game. i.e. can you create ways to find personal bests in surpassing your usual performance level or learning more about the job and seeking new challenges?
  • Respect the value of good families, friends and neighbours in cultivating your expressive skills and empathy
  • In the face of misfortune:  Trust in your ability, be mindful of your world and see every situation as an opportunity for a new solution.
  • Know your goals and ACT on them.

Push through the path of least resistance - because at the other side there is pure enjoyment.

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