21 Courses to Leave you Smarter by September


This is the first summer that both my boys are working full time, and while I embrace that every way, it was different to plan a summer free of teaching without any big holiday on the horizon. If you’re also finding yourself with a little more time on your hands this summer, you might be interested in reading further. 

I’m a big believer in getting a little bit smarter whenever we can and this summer sort of feels like the perfect opportunity to do that. It seems like wherever your interests lie there’s a course for that right now. All of them free.

Personally, I have just started The Science of Well Being with Laurie Santos .

Here are a few of my favourites in the three areas of life that dominate my thoughts.   


Art, Culture and Fashion

Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture - The French Fashion School IFM

Three months of free guitar lessons - Fender

What is Contemporary Art - MoMA

Seeing through Photographs - MoMA

Fashion as Design - MoMa

Graphic Design - Calarts

InDesign 2020: Essential Training - LinkedIn Learning

Photoshop 2020: One-on-One Fundamentals - LinkedIn Learning


Personal Best 

Learning How  to Learn - McMaster University

Social Psychology -Wesleyan University

Introduction to Personal Branding - Univerity of Virginia

The Science of Well Being - Yale

Creative Thinking Techniques - Imperial College London

Design Thinking for Innovation  - University of Virginia


Digital Marketing

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content - The University of Pennsylvania

The Strategy of Content Marketing - UC Davis

Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises - Udemy

Social Media Week of Webinars - Buffer

SEO Training Course by Moz - Udemy

Learn Javascript - CodeAcademy

Learn HTML & CSS - CodeAcademy


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